Get Going with Mind Body Therapies

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Are you living with chronic pain? Have you exhausted most conventional routes without finding relief or resolution to you problem?

Is your mental or emotional health, effecting your physical health or vice versa? Are you looking for a different approach to resolve your mental health issue?

Are you concerned about the amount of pain medication you are taking, the long term side effects they could have on your body or wanting to get off them altogether?

Should you identify with what you have just read then I may have the very solution you are looking for to help you resolve your problem.

Resourcing from a range of therapies and training, such as Bowen Technique, Neuro-Structural Integration Technique, Body Mind Work, Brain Move and ScarWork, individually tailored treatments are provided to help facilitate you moving forwards both physically and mentally towards a pain free future you may have thought eluded you.

Using techniques that promote your own physically natural healing capabilities and approaches that help you understand how your mind is instrumental in influencing your body and your behaviour, it creates a healing environment that works with you, your body, your mind and your life experiences.

Numerous clients have found this combined therapeutic approach has been highly effective, greatly reducing the need for long drawn out therapy and helps with persistent issues that see people having to keep returning for routine treatment, because this approach recognises the individuality of you.

So ask yourself “Do you have a problem with a possible solution to your complaint?” No…. then get in touch.

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