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As a young adult my body experienced a lot of trauma from 2 operations to remove a kidney and appendix and 2 back injuries resulting in 3 compressed discs and a rotated pelvis followed a few years later by a direct impact injury to my sacroiliac joint and lumber spine after a riding accident. Although my body recovered from the acute pain, I had no idea of the functional impact or chronic pain that was to appear years later as a direct result.

MRI scans confirmed dehydrated discs in my lumber spine yet it did not explain my sacroiliac pain or the compressed discs and pelvic rotation. Faced with strong medication and nerve injections, which to me felt like a sticking plaster approach, I set about trying all hands on therapies that I could without success, until Bowen Therapy was recommended to me. So without any preconceived ideas I gave it ago and to say it was a pivotal moment in my life would be an understatement, as not only did I feel enormous pain relief it was the start of an amazing journey into the world of the human body and mind.

After training in Bowen Therapy I became fascinated how some clients had amazing results while others either needed to return or showed little improvement in their chronic pain. This saw my exploration and training in NST and Body Mind Workers for even deeper chronic pain solutions and mental health and touching on Brain Move for movement restrictions.

Still experiencing problems with my kidney scar I trained in Sharon Wheelers specialist scar work. It was then I truly understood the nature of differing scars and their location and that unless the actual scar is treated directly my movement and balance would be an on-going problem. And again I was in awe of how my body responded in a totally different way to this work yet again.

To date my training is always on-going with specialist TMJ work in conjunction with The O Lab, hands on dissection, as a chronic pain practitioner with Body Mind Work and so much more and I love it!

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