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Please click the links below, for some CBT based Self-Help workbooks.

These workbooks include content covering assertiveness, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, panic and more:

The Center for Clinical Interventions

Compassion Focused Therapy focuses on the development of self compassion in order to treat a variety of difficulties.  It looks at the three systems of threat, drive and soothing.  The way these effect our thinking, feeling and behaviour.

Please click the link below, for more information and videos on compassion focused therapy:

The Compasionate Mind Foundation


The following website, PODs (recovery from trauma), has a wealth of information on trauma, the impact of trauma on the body and dissociative disorders:

Who we are, what we do, and why

Below are some interesting psycho-educational videos and TED-talks, from leading professionals covering topics such as empathy, vulnerability, mindfulness, blame and the impact of childhood trauma on health, plus more:

Brené Brown, American Author and Pubic Speaker, who researches and speaks on courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy:

This video contains research from Nadine Burke Harris, talking about how childhood trauma affects health:

This video from Happify, helps with understanding why mindfulness is a superpower:

The following video is Paul Gilbert speaking about compassion and action for happiness:

And the following link is a very inspirational speech from a graduate speaker: