Can SSL Therapy Services help make an impact to your working environment and morale?  Do you have employees working in stressful circumstances that may benefit from self-help, counselling or healthy well-being seminars?

Our aim with a bespoke workshops is to identify the risks of ignoring mental or physical issues within the workplace or at home or both.  To raise awareness of the benefit of finding the support that may be required for any individual.  Thus, reducing stress levels, sickness, turnaround of staff and  promoting healthy well-being within the work place.

Outcomes and Services

Introducing a mindfulness employer programme or workshop can reduce levels of stress related sickness, physical sickness and provide coping mechanisms or options to seek assistance with everyday life or traumatising events at home or within the workplace.

You could consider our workshop services with the option of us coming to your workplace, to offer convenience and familiar surroundings.

These include:

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Self Help Strategies

Trauma in the Body Training

For more information relating to workplace workshops or personalised group workshops, please call: 07377 469775 or email,