About our Counselling Services

A client led talking therapy which allows people to work through difficulties, such as, bereavement and relationship issues in a safe and confidential environment.

Counselling is a term that encompasses a short or long term approach to help individuals bring about effective change or enhance wellbeing. Like all therapies, Counselling aims to be impartial, and the practitioner should be able to express warmth and empathy and take a non-judgmental approach to allow a strong therapeutic relationship to develop and for individuals to talk openly about feelings and emotions. Counselling offers a less structured, fluid approach to therapy and is often described as more client led. Counselling is therefore often the treatment of choice for problems such as bereavement, early intervention for trauma or for individuals who may want to focus on looking at their relationships. Often no agenda, goal setting or home tasks are formally set and individuals are encouraged to self explore.

Counselling be conducted on a time limited or an open ended basis where a review of progress again takes place every 6 sessions. Typically sessions last 50 minutes and the amount of sessions depend on a persons’ difficulties and personalised goals.

Please see www.bacp.co.uk for more information.