About An Integrated Approach to Therapy

An Integrative approach recognises the variety of rich and effective therapeutic approaches available today.  It recognises that efforts to combine and integrate some of these can be very successful when meeting an individuals’ needs.  It sees individuals as diverse, unique and supposes that a treatment approach should mirror this.  Hence preventing any one therapy from becoming the only solution or ‘truth’.  Clinicians who work in this way select their own unique forms of integration, meaning they choose what theory, concepts or techniques to practice and do training in and this evolves, as they continue to practice and engage choice training.   Also central to this approach is that people and their problems come before any theory or techniques and theory or techniques, exists to serve the person, not the other way around.

An integrative or eclectic therapeutic approach can be conducted on a time limited or an open ended basis where a review of progress takes place every 6 sessions. Typically sessions last 60 minutes and the amount of sessions depend on a persons’ difficulties and personalised goals.

Please see www.integrativetherapy.com for more information.